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frame bar frame bar frame bar frame bar

frame bar

Architecture, Interiors

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Architectural design: Dimitrios Tsigos

Construction managing architect: John Tsigos

Construction management: tdc

Structural engineer: –

Mechanical engineer: Athanassios Kagiopoulis

Current state: completed

Client: st George lycabettus hotel

Frame bar is the main bar of the st George lycabettus hotel, located in kolonaki, Athens.

The main aim of the design was to recreate the usual typologies of chairs, benches, bars stands, tables and coffee tables using forms that morph from one geometry to the other, thus denying determined typology – activity associations
This was achieved by using advanced parametric design techniques which led to the specification of a series of poly – surfaces, ultimately constructed out of thermoformed staron.
The geometrical continuity is retained throughout the design, ultimately offering a continuous interior topography that assumes different geometrical specifications in relation to specific programmatic intentions.