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John Tsigos

John Tsigos

Partners / Directors

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John Tsigos was born in 1973 in Athens, Greece. After graduating from the National Technical University of Athens’s school of architecture and completed his army service, he worked as an architect and construction manager in various urban city housing projects (1999-2005).

In 2005, along with his brother Dimitri, he co-founded TDC, an architecture and urban development firm, with the role of construction manager and financial operator and was involved in a wide range of projects ranging from appartment blocks development to high end hotel and restaurant renovations.

Since 2010 he is a co-owner in afu, an innovative custom furniture design firm, together with his brother Dimitri Tsigos, with the role of operating organiser and finance controller.

In September 2014 he co-launched Omniview design, a wide range architectural, development and furniture design firm that aims to expand internationally and emerge as one of the leading firms in the market of design services and sales.