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Katerina Karagianni

Katerina Karagianni

Senior Designers

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Architectural department manager

Katerina was born in 1983 in Athens. She studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (2007) and received a Master of Architecture from the IaaC University, Barcelona (2009). Katerina joined Omniview in 2009. As a senior architect and designer, she takes part, both in the design process as well as managing projects from initial design to completion of construction. She has worked on a wide range of building projects, residential, commercial and interiors, that vary in scale, as well as in international architectural competitions. Through the parallel collaboration with AFU custom furniture brand, she has deepened into the industrial design principles, the numerous construction techniques and the materials technology. She specializes in parametric design and digital fabrication through the use of Cnc machines, that are widely used at Omiview projects.