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Lina Kazolea

Lina Kazolea


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Lina Kazolea graduated from the University of Thessaly in 2014 (UTH). During her academic years she completed an internship as an undergraduate Architect. After the completion of her studies she started working as freelance 3D Visualiser collaborating with technical companies and architectural practices in Greece. In 2016 she moved to London to attend an internship as a Part II Architectural Assistant. While there she participated in international furniture design competitions with distinction and she had her first collaborations within the field of digital and graphic design. In 2017 she joined the Omnivew team. With a keen eye on details and a demonstrated experience in 3D visualisation, she specialises in 3D modelling and CGI illustration. Her work is focused on creating spaces that innovate through the combination of organic forms, natural materials, textures and lighting effects both on large and small scale architectural and interior design projects.