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Precise optics Precise optics Precise optics Precise optics

Precise optics

Architecture, Cycladic Chic, Interiors, Projects

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Architectural design: Dimitrios Tsigos

Design team: John Kyrlis, Christina Malama

Construction Management: tdc

Current state: Completed

Client: Dorotheos Tzamouranis

The driving agenda for this commercial space in the island of Mykonos was to develop a new typology of interior object: a single surface which encloses space, morphing into various sub-surfaces that become objects within that very space. Hence, walls develop in a continuous manner to surfaces which assume the roles of shelves, desks and benches. Previously un-attempted digital techniques made possible the fluid, yet accurate bending of white Staron in two axis. This enabled us to construct geometrically precise twisted surfaces, making possible a seamless architectural “move” between horizontal and vertical planes. In addition to the aesthetic and practical merit of such moves the structural was equally important; the inherent pre-tension offered to the surfaces by such twisting moves allowed for the structural resolution of the entire project to come in the form of self structural monocoques. shells. This means that no other form of support has been used in the project, and the forces are distributed to the ground and ceiling solely through the surfaces of the design.