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WakeUp WakeUp WakeUp WakeUp WakeUp WakeUp WakeUp WakeUp WakeUp WakeUp WakeUp


Architecture, Cycladic Chic, Interiors, Projects

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Architectural design: Dimitris Tsigos

Architects / Designers : Christina Tsakiri, Danai Diou

Photography: Dimitris Tsigos

Current state: completed

Location: Mykonos

Wakeup Cosmetics is a new brand of cosmetics, offering a fresh lineup of contemporary products from makeup and skin care all the way to nail care and fragrances.

Wakeup store in Mykonos is the very first physical retail outlet for Wakeup, and was the first opportunity for us to develop and test various progressive architectural typologies that are meant not only to display the products but also to become part of the brands fresh and modern aesthetic approach

For the main white fiberglass forms, our goal was to generate elegant functional sculptures that morph between the various geometric needs. In this case, geometry was conceived as an fluid structure that connects and supports the horizontal and vertical ellipse shapes, needed by the makeup stations and display stands.

For the walls, a secondary display system was developed: a parametric array of usable cells that evolve in different sizes within an elliptical shape. The range of dimensions offered by this system was matched perfectly with the varying shapes and sizes of products, offering a clean and organised look

The emphatic use of white together with the fluid character of the forms results in a space that is very contemporary but at the same time very coherent with the indigenous aesthetic of Mykonian streets.